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MEET THE 2020 Board of Directors

Tara Villanueva - President


"I am excited to contribute my time to an association that has provided so much support to industry professionals that I work for and with daily.  We are going to have some fun this year!"

Number of Years in the Industry: 20

Fun Facts:

1. I have 3 adult children and 6 dogs - 5 Yorkies and 1 English Mastiff.

2. I am a die-hard Friends fan!

Stephen Ropfogel - Vice President

Halo Branded Solutions

"I am excited to serve with such a dynamic board that does not look to the past to see how we did things, but to the future to see what is needed to move us forward.  Having said that, we are also working with the former board members to honor our past.  One of my goals moving forward is to have more events our members want to attend - social, education, factory tours."

Number of Years in the Industry: 25+

Fun Facts:

1. I am a professional magician. 

2. I was born and raised in West LA.

Bob Levitt - Treasurer

Staples Promotional Products

"I am excited to help usher SAAC into this new decade with a focus on relevancy, creating more member value, and providing opportunities for our industry colleagues to connect."

Number of Years in the Industry: 38

Fun Facts:

1. I run a summer camp for 1 week every year in the mountains of Los Angeles

2. I am trying to learn guitar on my own with a little help from YouTube.

RJ Hagel - Secretary


"Being a part of SAAC is about being a part of a community and helping each other and our industry thrive. While we have great support nationally, SAAC provides an outlet to serve its members at a local level here in So Cal and helps to further ourselves professionally in our own backyards. My goal as a member of the board is to help SAAC develop meaningful programming and education to support its members."

Number of Years in the Industry: 19ish

Fun Facts:

1. I am a HUGE car fanatic and a total foodie and craft beer fan.

2. Like most, I started in this industry by accident as an Assistant Manager at Things Remembered decorating gifts.

Rhett Todd - Immediate Past President


"I'm excited to serve on the SAAC board to watch the changes that have been implemented take root. I am also excited to see Jennifer, Tara, and the new board take SAAC to heights it has not seen before. I firmly believe this is SAACs year!"

Number of Years in the Industry: Over 30 years...but not going to say how many over 30!

Fun Facts:

1. I love hunting and fishing and being outdoors.

2. I love taking trips and spending time with my son.

Tonia Allen Gould - Director


"I've hung my hat in the promotional products industry for over twenty-five years. Serving on the SAAC BOD allows me to give back to an industry that has served me and my organization well. Our board is eager, highly knowledgeable, and well-equipped to deal with challenges our association and industry face. My goals this year are to continue to look at SAAC operationally to meet financial challenges, to drive membership engagement through the events we host, and to listen to our stakeholders' ideas for the betterment of the association."

Number of Years in the Industry: 25+

Fun Facts:

1. I'm a child advocate and philanthropist.

2. I'm almost an empty-nester.

Danny Henderson - Director


"I am very excited about the direction that SAAC is moving in. This year should be a special year going back to being full of fun events and a great show in a new location. My goal for SAAC is to grow our community even larger so we can continue to learn from each other throughout this great organization. I'm looking forward for all of the networking and education to come this year!"

Number of Years in the Industry: 19

Fun Facts:

1. I will mix work with golf every chance I get.

2. As of this year, I have now worked in the industry for over half my life.

Jim Ristuccia - Director

A+ Wine Designs

"There are so many awesome people involved with SAAC right now; that creates great energy. It's a fun group to be with. The organization offers community, education, and quality networking. There is something for everyone. I hope to help foster more opportunities for networking and fellowship as we continue to grow the organization."

Number of Years in the Industry: 9

Fun Facts:

1. I've rappelled out of a moving helicopter.

2. I'm a certified yoga teacher.

Jeff Stevens - Director

WesCo Marketing

"I enjoy working with association members to make SAAC an organization that builds relationships and creates business opportunities for all members.

Number of Years in the Industry: 26

Fun Facts:

1. Love to fly-fish

2.I have an MIS degree and use to design computer software.

Ray Jimenez - Director

The Magnet Group

"Excited to contribute to a great organization that has great representation! I look forward to building relationships within the SAAC community that will continue to the growth and success with our yearly events."

Number of Years in the Industry: 22

Fun Facts:

1. Love rooting for the Lakers, Dodgers, Kings, USC, LAFC.

2. Golf, anyone?

Mike Szymczak - Director


"I am excited to engage with the 2020 SAAC Board and dedicate efforts to achieve all that we have slated for this year to further elevate our already strong regional association. I hope to bring my experience from the supplier side over the past 10 years to the table to help increase member participation, more tangible benefits, and aide in making SAAC a more top-of-mind resource for educating members. Overall, I am just pumped up for a fantastic year for our association and hope to prove myself throughout the year."

Number of Years in the Industry: 10+

Fun Facts:

1. I am a live music/stadium fanatic and love going to new venues all over.

2. I have traveled to 49/50 states and 30+ countries

Jennifer Bingham - Executive Director


"Serving as Executive Director for SAAC alongside a Board who is truly passionate about doing good for the promotional products community is such an honor. In 2020, our members can expect some great networking opportunities throughout all of SoCal, top-notch education, a fantastic tradeshow, and so much more."

Number of Years in the Industry: 9

Fun Facts:

1. My first job was as a Sonic carhop and yes, I would occasionally rock the roller skates.

2. My husband and I have two children, Emily (6) and Brooks (2).

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