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How To Register Your Clients For SAAC Expo 2022
Hosted Client Day Is Friday, August 19

To protect the client-distributor relationship, we ensure that each client is tied to a verified distributor throughout the trade show registration and follow-up process.

Online Registration
Registering a client before a show will expedite their entry into the show and ensure a seamless beginning to their tradeshow experience. There are a few ways to register a client for a show. It is important to note that a client cannot register without being tied to a distributor.

Option 1
During the Distributor registration process, you will have the option to send an invitation to the show to your clients. The email will include a link for your client to register. This link is specific to your distributorship so that it will tie the client to your company.

Option 2
Distributors can register their clients at the same time they register themselves for the show. Under the Distributor registration process, select the Hosted Client radio button and complete the fields with your client's information. Please note that the client email address is only used to send an email confirmation for the show. SAAC will not share email address information for clients with exhibitors.

Option 3
Receive a registration code for your distributorship from SAAC. Share that code with your clients and have them register themselves here. This code will tie your client to your company.

SAGE Mobile For Client Shows

Distributors can access a list of all their registered clients in SAGE Mobile. Once the show begins, if the distributor has their app notifications turned on, they will receive an immediate notification when their client picks up their badge from registration. They will also be able to see what booth last scanned their client.

Instructions to access information:
1. Log in to SAGE Mobile
2. Tap the menu in the top left and chose Tradeshows
3. Tap SAAC Expo
4. Tap Who’s Here

SAGE ShowLink For Client Shows

Maintaining the client-distributor relationship is very important, but ROI from show follow-up is also important! When an exhibitor scans a client badge during the show, it will give the client's name along with the contact information for the distributor who invited them to the show. This way, you know exactly whom to follow up with and what client to reference. After the show, you will receive a report of everyone you scanned along with the notes. The distributor will receive the same report, so include as much detail in the notes area as possible.

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