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SAAC Membership

SAAC membership is an investment in yourself, the regional promotional products community, and the future of SAAC. Join your peers in their pursuit of industry excellence by becoming a member. Membership gives you full access to resources and a community of industry experts to help empower you and grow your business.

Visit the Programs webpage for more information about SAAC professional development and events.

Why Join

  • Build you and your team’s industry and professional competencies to maximize performance and advance your business goals.
  • Empower your employees to have access to a strong community of professional peers that uncover practical business solutions and develop problem-solving resources.
  • Education and professional development that positions your business to attract and retain top notch talent. 
  • Build your clientele by tapping into SAAC’s highly engaged community.

Additional Benefits

  • Discounted access to the largest industry trade show in California
  • Discounts on supplier and business services
  • Free industry education and professional development
  • Priority access to sponsorship programs for increased exposure
  • Free networking events that foster new business relationships

SAAC Membership Categories

SAAC has four membership categories: Distributor, Supplier, Multi-line rep., and Business Services rep. 
Each category receives the same access to SAAC's member benefits and services.

Distributor Companies

A Distributor is a company (or a company that maintains a division, department or affiliate) located within the United States, Canada or Mexico, whose primary business includes developing ideas for the use of advertising specialties/promotional products, buying such products from suppliers and reselling them to end users/buyers. A distributor carries their own accounts receivables, sells and invoices completely in their own name and operates their own place of business.

Rates by staff size:
1-3 employees: $125.00
4-10 employees: $150.00
11-25 employees: $200.00
25+ employees: $250.00

Multi-Line Rep. Companies

A Multi-line Representative provides sales and/or marketing services for one or more specialty advertising Supplier firms, whom do their own invoicing. A Multi-line Representative is considered to represent the supplier side of our industry.

Rate: $150.00

Supplier Companies

A supplier is a company within the United States, Canada, or Mexico that manufactures, converts, warehouses, or decorates advertising specialties/promotional products for sale through advertising specialty/promotional products distributors, as its principal business or maintaining a division or department devoted exclusively to this work.

Rates by annual revenue:
0 - $10M: $150.00
$10M+: $200.00

Business Services Rep.

A Business Services Rep. sells services, information or products (other than promotional products) that support the normal conduct of business.

Rates by annual revenue:
0-$10M: $150.00
$10M+: $200.00

Please don't hesitate to contact the SAAC office at info@saac.net or 805.484.7393 if you have any questions or concerns regarding your membership renewal. 

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