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Helping New Year’s Resolvers to Succeed Building a Better New Year

December 07, 2021 11:19 AM | Dara Cormany (Administrator)

No matter what side of the political arena you are on, the current presidential administration’s mantra of “Build Back Better” is timely for new year’s resolutions – who doesn’t want to make a better year for themselves, their loved ones, and their workplaces in 2022? After such an unstable year, we all want to build ourselves a better new year.

Each year, millions of people across the globe review their personal and professional situations to identify areas of desired improvements and goals to achieve. New Years’ Resolutions are critical for self-empowerment.

Most people are New Year’s Resolvers – but unlike past years, 2022, which really began building off of 2020, showcases the health of the whole self as critical.

Data analyst Katharina Buchholz at Statista explained how 2020 shaped up for Americans in their resolution priorities, based on a survey by Ipsos for Urban Plates: “For 2020, Americans are making the resolution to adopt healthy habits – concerning their finances as well as their bodies.  Out of all participants who said they were making one or several new year’s resolutions, 51 percent wanted to manage their finances better and an equal amount wanted to adopt healthier eating habits. More popular resolutions for the upcoming year also circled around improving one’s health, with a more active lifestyle and weight loss being favorite answers.”

Specifically, respondents resolved to be more active (50%), lose weight (42%), improve mental well-being (38%), improve social connections (30%), learn a new skill (22%), and become more eco-friendly (22%).

This year, according to a November 16, 2021 analysis by Shutterstock AI, 2022 new year’s resolutions appear to weigh heavy on the side of self-care (beyond losing weight). Based on analyzing click-through imagery, photos and videos of people peacefully at sleep in bed have skyrocketed 29%, while images showing napping (such as on the couch) have zoomed 108% in a year. Another related area of triple-digit growth is people relaxing in hot tubs (111%). Self-care is the key theme that Shutterstock believes harbingers a newly prioritized resolution for the upcoming new year.

This is followed by the desire to eat a more plant-based diet, following consistent news reports of the health and wellness benefits plus the bevy of new plant-based food options launched in the past two years.

How Promotional Products Can Help

Knowing that self-care beyond simply getting into shape will be top of mind for most New Year Resolvers, you can help guide your clientele to deliver the most appropriate and appreciated logoed products for a new year’s campaign.

Part of the new self-care is largely about mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness, along with the idea of clean living and eating. Forget about “quitting smoking,” as a new year’s resolution, “quitting negative thinking” for many has become very important.

And there’s a promotional product tool for that. The Book Company’s A Year of Gratitude for 2022 page-a-day calendar infuses the recipient with daily reminders of how to be positive and to sustain a healthy level of gratitude. This is a great new year’s promotional product for mental healthcare, spas, rehab centers, and also for corporate team-building and onboarding activities.

Great corporate gifts for the new year include self-pampering products such as HHPLift’s Spa Day collection, Logomark’s Feel-Good 7-piece Spa Kit and Getaway 4-Piece Spa Kit in Box; WOWLine’s Sleep Mask, Promosky Gifts’ Adjustable Spa Headband, Via Kit Company’s Spa Set and Earth Spa Kit, Hirsch Gift’s Serene House Spa Kit, and more. These spa products are also suitable for physicians’ offices and travel/hospitality clients or clients that will emphasize the concept of “rejuvenation” for 2022.

Clients that want to help end-users achieve their 2022 fitness goals can choose a wide variety of yoga mats (WOV-IN) or Turkish Signature Workout Towels from Towel Specialties, Rush Service’s Yoga Circle Hip Resistance Band, and Journalbooks/Timeplanner’s Health & Fitness Journals.

Planners and journals are much-desired gifts – blank pages and new days represent opportunities for renewal, for achievement, and for growth. There is a wide variety of upscale journals, notebooks, and planners (daily, weekly, monthly) from Castelli/The Magnet Group, and Journalbooks/Timeplanner.

Perfect for your healthcare clients, Coloring Book Solutions provides Slide Charts, for cholesterol monitoring, for blood pressure monitoring, for nutrition, for physical fitness, and for calorie/carbohydrate/fat monitoring.

There are many more ways to help your clients take advantage of the new opportunities and freshly forged willpower that this upcoming new year provides. The message of supporting goals and growth will be appreciated all year long.

Used with permission from PromoCorner

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