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Five Ways To Maximize The Power Of Content Marketing

March 09, 2023 8:58 PM | Christina Sanders (Administrator)

Content marketing is one of the most meaningful ways you can connect with your target audience. Whether you produce videos, podcasts, blogs or newsletters, this content allows you to provide relevant and helpful information to prospects and clients.

According to new research from Semrush, content marketing is more valuable than ever. By simply updating their content, 53% of marketers saw their engagement go up and 49% saw their traffic and rankings increase.

Want to ramp up your content marketing? In this issue of PromoPro Daily, we share some tips from Seth Richtsmeier, a contributing writer for Smartbrief, on how you can harness the power of content marketing.

1. Strategize. For your content marketing efforts to be effective, you need a plan. Don’t just send emails on a whim or post to social media when an idea strikes. Richtsmeier says you should regularly publish blog content, maintain an active social media presence and curate interesting content.

2. Know your audience. LinkedIn is a great platform for most B2B marketers. Richtsmeier says 94% of marketers distribute content on the platform. But don’t limit yourself to only LinkedIn. You could try building a TikTok presence or experimenting with user-generated content. The idea is to meet your audience where they are, he says.

3. Branch out. To maximize the power of content marketing, your message should appear in as many places as possible. Try out different channels and see what resonates with your audience. Richtsmeier points out that it can take 5 to 7 touchpoints for a customer to remember your brand, so keep creating content and getting it out there.

4. Be authentic. People want to see what’s real. Give them a sneak peek of some new products at your company or take them on a behind-the-scenes tour of your offices. You might also get vocal on social issues, Richtsmeier says, or use humor as a way to connect with your audience.

5. Invest in data analytics. Data is one of the most powerful tools you have at your fingertips. With more access to data than ever before, Richtsmeier says you can leverage your website’s traffic, consumer behavior data, social media metrics, case studies and so much more to adjust your approach to content marketing. Data is a superpower that every brand has access to, so use it, he says.

Content marketing, in all its many interesting forms, allows you to reach your audience in impactful ways. It can help you showcase your industry expertise, bring in new leads, and build long-lasting relationships. Follow the tips above to make sure you leverage the full potential of content marketing.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

SourceSeth Richtsmeier is an SEO professional and freelance writer. He’s a contributing writer for Smartbrief.

 Published with Permission from PPAI Media

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