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Times Talk With Heidi Selleck

October 31, 2023 3:18 PM | Christina Sanders (Administrator)

Allow me to introduce you to Lori Bolton, a 24-year veteran and Director of Business Development for Totally Bamboo.  

What is your favorite thing about this industry? My absolute favorite aspect of our industry are the amazing people that I get to work with day in and day out, it is truly a family. I appreciate the creative aspect of our industry. I have a great desire to understand the scope of each project and what the ultimate goal is of the End User and suggest products that will make my customer look like a rockstar.

Why did you join SAAC? SAAC has been part of my life since I joined the industry and I have always felt welcomed as a member. In 2016 I became President of SAAC and it was important to me that current and new members got to experience what I have over the years. I wanted them to experience the sense of family, collaboration and community that I had experienced over the years.

Why do you support SAAC? It is one of the largest Regional Associations in our industry, often leading and setting standards for the other associations. Without the support of members, we lose the sense of community and the future of our association. It is super important for new people joining our industry to have a community to tap into and feel a part of.

Fun Facts: 

I am the co-host of a Podcast with Amelia Madl, that is hosted by PromoCorner. It has been running for 3 years called “The Rundown”, where you receive “Livin’ with Lori” tips, specific to Health and Wellness.

I am a certified Health and Wellness Coach, focusing on Hormone Health and I am 300 out of 500 hours into my Pilates Teacher Training Course. I love to give back to my community whether it be professionally or personally. 

~Heidi Selleck, The Vernon Company

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