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A Message From The 2020 SAAC Board of Directors

July 24, 2020 6:51 AM | Dara Cormany (Administrator)

Dear SAAC Members – 

These have been trying times to say the least. The SAAC Board recognizes that many promotional products businesses are struggling and looking at ways to reduce expenses while diversifying. We are all clamoring to find new ways to drive revenues. That’s why it is more important than ever to have the right tools, resources and networking opportunities in your back pocket.  

SAAC is working harder than ever to keep your business moving forward, and we are striving to find new and innovative ways to keep us all feeling connected in this disconnected and new world of work. 

“I have been a SAAC member for almost 30 years. Since first joining the association, the suppliers and distributors I’ve met have become my mentors and friends. Suppliers have assisted with pricing and rush orders while many distributors have pointed me in the right direction when I needed help. At the time I was a one-person shop, these relationships made a big impact on my success. Having this community to connect with and lean on during this challenging time has been helpful both personally and professionally.” –  SAAC Board Vice President, Stephen Ropfogel, HALO

All of us from SAAC want you to know you do not have to go it alone. In fact, our very existence as your regional association is intended to assist you both during the best and worst of times. We will continue to offer a variety of opportunities for growth and learning, while being an advocate for our industry locally and nationally.

“Supporting and connecting with our SAAC members and potential members during this time has been exceptionally rewarding. Having the opportunity to meet virtually with so many people we haven’t had the chance to meet at one of our live events has been the silver lining to an otherwise difficult time. #relationships” – SAAC Board Member, Ray Jimenez, The Magnet Group

SAAC is excited to announce a one-of-a-kind event: the upcoming SAAC Virtual Pop Up, August 3 - 7. For five days, distributors are invited to view short on-demand videos from the industry’s top suppliers.  As an added bonus, many are offering special discounts and promotions just for SAAC distributors. It’s a fun and easy way to see the latest trends and brainstorm for new ideas for your clients, all from the comfort of your own computer and on your own time.

“I’ve owned my distributor firm for over a pandemic-free, quarter century. Throughout all my years in business, seeing my company successfully through all kinds of problems and economies, none of those years prepared me for this, and my experience means diddly-squat. I’ve had to learn the ropes through this pandemic, just like everyone else, because everything is different now. It’s true, there are some things I can’t change or fix, and I have to wait things out. But I most certainly cannot see my company through to the other side of this pandemic without leveraging the partners I’ve put in place and utilizing the tools and resources that are at my disposal.” – SAAC Board Member, Tonia Allen Gould, TAGSOURCE, LLC

Please remember, you are not in this alone and SAAC is here for you. There are numerous benefits available to you as a member that we welcome you to utilize. If you’d like to learn more, please visit www.saac.net, reach out to any SAAC Board member or email us at info@saac.net.

“My year so far as SAAC president has proven to be interesting, to say the least. What began with plans of monthly networking events, philanthropic programs and a fantastic SAAC Expo in Anaheim quickly turned into all things virtual. However, it has been rewarding and fulfilling to engage with members through SAAC Lunches and webinars whom I hadn’t had a chance to connect with at previous SAAC functions. 

“The ability of the association to adapt quickly to best serve our membership has been in great part due to the SAAC board and our executive director. But we won’t stop there—we remain focused on engaging and meeting the needs of our member professionals. We also welcome your ideas, suggestions and feedback and look forward to “seeing” you at an upcoming event soon.” – SAAC Board Member, Tara Villanueva, Geiger

We are thankful for the continued support of our membership and wish you all, your colleagues and your families good health and success.


The 2020 SAAC Board of Directors

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