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What's Selling? Safety Products Offer Much-needed Layers of Protection

November 18, 2020 5:45 AM | Dara Cormany (Administrator)

There’s no question that the pandemic has posed unparalleled challenges to the entire world on both a personal and professional level. Therefore, safety products are absolutely essential items as many parts of the world face a second wave of COVID-19 as well as the start of flu season. It is paramount that companies be able to conduct business and take care of their employees. Face masks, hand sanitizers, tumblers, light-up armbands, lip balms, no-touch tools, pill trays/boxes, lighting, and kitted gift boxes are just some of the safety products available for both the office and working remotely.

While hand sanitizer is in high demand at Webb Company, Rena Ashfeld notes that the company is seeing sales of kitted gift boxes increasing. “With people working remotely, employers, customers, and partners want to reward them with gift items,” she says. This has resulted is the company’s boxed kits becoming very popular.

Joshua Pospisil at KTI Promo agrees that work-from-home items are trending because of the pandemic, citing the company’s Ring Light as safely lighting the way for remote employees. “It is also a huge hit as it provides you the perfect lighting for all of your video calls,” he comments, adding that demand for any work from home-related items has been outstanding.

According to Carrie Lewis at BIC Graphic, people also want safety gear that is effective but not cumbersome. “Lightweight materials and compact items can still be protective without holding people back from doing their work or participating in their favorite activities,” she says. “With more people exercising outside due to gym closures and/or reduced capacity, flashing and light-up armbands for early morning runners and walkers are great options for clients wanting safety promos that don’t directly relate to COVID-19.

“In a year when being cautious is a priority, there is potential for more products than ever to take on a safety spin,” Lewis continues. The company’s PrevaGuard™ line of products span several categories and have an EPA-registered antimicrobial additive molded directly into the product components. BIC Graphic carries PrevaGuard™ BIC© writing instruments, mouse pads, bags, Koozie© can coolers, and—coming soon—face masks.

The demand for safety products expanded this year into different sectors and industries than would have traditionally purchased safety promos in the past, Lewis adds, citing healthcare facilities purchasing reflective safety vests for drive-through COVID testing sites as an example.

As far as safety products go, there are many new and best-selling items to protect employees and customers as the nation navigates the current health crisis. Webb Company’s Ashfeld reports that the company has many new items such as scented hand sanitizer, masks, no-touch tools, and hand sanitizer pen sprayers.

Custom Chocolate has been thinking outside the box and developed a completely new product for the promotional products industry, with Larry Wilhelm reporting that it is COVID-19 friendly. “It’s a range of molded glycerin soap bars with two unique features,” he explains. “The logo imprint is imbedded inside the bar, so the imprint lasts as long as the bar does, thereby maximizing the number of advertising impressions. Plus, a CDC hand-washing poster is attached to the shrink wrap to help promote good hand washing habits to help protect against germ transmission.” The bars are available in three sizes and price points.

Bay State’s Josette Bosse notes the company’s H793 pill tray is a top seller, allowing the setup of medication for loved ones for the entire week. The Rainbow Jumbo 24/7 Medicine Tray Organizer features rainbow-color pill boxes. The plastic base holds seven, removable, four-compartment pill boxes with easy-out design and is equipped with convenient, easy-to-use holes for facilitating pill box removal.

Bay State also offers the M458 and M455 Medical History Organizers, which Bosse explains can contain grab-and-go information for EMTs or just to take to an appointment for a quick reference of important information. The three-fold card insert is pre-printed with space to fill in info regarding: Identification, Emergency/Physician Contacts, Medical History, Allergies, Prescriptions, and Medical Insurance. It also comes in a jumbo size.

Grethe Adams at Southern Plus points out that the definition of safety can encompass a wide variety of products. “We often take for granted the importance of being seen—day or night—when walking in bad weather conditions!’ she states. “Visual safety is just as important as any other kind of personal safety!” To that end, the company’s SF-48 - Safety Umbrella adds a high-optic, reflective strip around the outside edge of its canopy to ensure optimum visibility day or night. “It can be seen up to one mile away,” she elaborates. “Whether you are a daily commuter or a school crossing guard, you need to be seen to be safe! You can further elevate this promotionally by adding a logo/message in high-optic reflective ink (for a slight upcharge), making it visible from afar!” This midsize "stick" umbrella is ultralight, yet ultra-durable, and comes in black.

Additionally, the company’s RFO-43 - Optic Umbrella takes its best-selling umbrella and elevates it visually with a high-optic, reflective strip around its canopy, Adams continues. It comes in black, orange, and royal, with reflective ink available, promotionally, upon request (for a slight upcharge). For when weather is at its worst, the AQ103 – Optic Poncho features a reflective hood and shoulders, which Adams says is the safest way to wrap your body.

BIC Graphic is offering a Fitness Flashing Armband with Bag Tag, a multi-functional promo that is perfect for outdoor retailers, races, fitness centers and travel sports programs, Lewis says. “The bright LED band has varying illumination features and has an attached hanger for clipping on outdoor packs,” she comments.

Coronavirus has also created a need for instructive signs and floor stickers, Lewis adds. The company’s 11-inch Floor Stickers are available with a variety of directional and social distancing stock backgrounds.

While the pandemic has companies brainstorming for ways to protect their employees and clients while promoting their businesses, Webb Company’s Ashfeld recommends distributors utilize virtual rendering to show clients your capabilities. “We also sent gift boxes prior to a Leadership Development Workshop Event—which included a Tumbler, Steel Straw, Hand Sanitizer, Lip Balm, and Mints—to all the attending participants.”

“Safety is a large category and can vary greatly depending on the business and industry,” Lewis at BIC Graphic says. “There is an opportunity for a business of any size to incorporate a safety program because most companies prioritize safe and healthy work environments. Additionally, manufacturing and construction industries often reward teams for safe behaviors so there may be potential for added business via awards and recognition promos.”

There has never been a better time to show compassion, Pospisil at KTI Promo concludes. “When people are looking for products, understand that they may need them quicker than ever before,” he says, “Also be mindful that budgets may not be as large as they use to be so do the best to work with what you got.”

Case Study

Carrie Lewis, BIC Graphic

A school district was taking extra precautions while reopening during the Coronavirus pandemic. This included holding classes in outdoor spaces and campus buildings that provided room for social distancing. To address safety concerns, the school gave parents a Deluxe I.D. Kit to complete for their kids. Students were encouraged to keep their I.D. Kit in their school planners so important information could be easily accessed by teachers, coaches, and administrators in case of an emergency.

Used with permission from PromoCorner

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