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High Caliber is Growing…Fast!

Irwindale, CA:  High Caliber Line (SAGE 205801) based in Irwindale, CA announces significant expansion of its Los Angeles based corporate headquarters.

CEO/ Founder, Dan Oas explains, “In order to keep up with customer demand and increasing inventory, we had to increase our warehouse space.  This will also increase our production and fulfillment capacities.  High Caliber is on track to hit $100M in sales over the next few years and this simply requires more space.”  Dan continues, “We have the unique benefit of being privately owned, which allows us to re-invest back into our company with new product lines and larger inventory levels.  

Brian P. Padian, VP of Sales & Marketing at HCL, attributes the significant sales growth to a clear, crisp sales strategy. Padian says, “Giving the customer a concierge level service, great pricing, and deep, deep stock allows for easy flow of business!” 

HCL will be adding this fifth building, March, 1.  This property will be 47,000 sq/ft and be approximately 1.5 miles from home office.  HCL is a supplier of over (12) complete categories with just over 100 employees.